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Mindful, Organic and with a Passion for Design

Think Organic

Planet Earth - a beautiful place for all of us: people, animals and nature. Our ultimate goal is to be mindful, respectful and forward thinking in every part of our supply chain. A mission for the future and the present. Socially conscious. Cruelty-free. Made in Germany.

SETERY laid-back luxury fashion

Passion for Design

Puristic design - laid-back luxury: clear lines, strong silhouettes, soft structures. A balance of naturalness and simple elegance. Our inspiration: connection with nature combined with a passion for art and design. Celebrating the moment of beauty.

SETERY fashion illustration


Mindfulness - A good feeling

Well-being and inner peace - a good feeling, calmness for every day. Pure and fine design in your wardrobe. A selection of favourite pieces - like a family, careful and loving. The joy of wearing and combining them - effortless elegance. A good feeling.

SETERY business outfit ecru