AMIRIA - Double-breasted Blazer Dress & Long Vest


Story Behind

One piece, worn two ways: AMIRIA frames the entire collection and can be worn either as a dress or combined with any other piece as a vest. The idea behind AMIRIA is to offer a contemporary alongside besides the classic blazer. The aim is to create a super versatile wardrobe piece which can be worn all year round. AMIRIA comes in a clean white organic cotton, a denim-like fabric, double-breasted, with buttons that look like marble.

How to style it

Perfect all year long. For summer days - keep it simple and wear AMIRIA on its own. In winter wear AMIRIA with your favourite turtleneck layer and make more of a statement with boots. In-between seasons? No problem. Wear AMIRIA as a vest or cape to add a modern and chic twist to your look. The fresh, bright colour will lift your look and will soften the palette.


100% Organic Cotton

Hand-wash cold or dry-clean


Made in Germany

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