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Our Story

Everything starts with a dream

Hanna's Story

My big dream: Moving something, understanding the world. Degree in business psychology – a first step. My passion: fashion – design, elegance, attention to detail, beautiful shapes and colours. My big dream: creating a harmonious relationship between people, animals and nature. Avoiding rush and tension in our working lives, considering different cultures and interacting with people in search of self-realisation and purpose. Celebrating diversity – so powerful and liberating. A wake-up call – time to look at the big picture. The fashion world a trendsetter? Or time for a revolution? SETERY was born.Hanna Greis

SETERY's Story

We focus on you, wonderful women, full of purpose and of various professions. We look at numerous interesting company cultures. But: There is a feeling of unease. What to wear to work? There is no dress code for business fashion any longer. Thankfully. We see a huge opportunity to revolutionize the world of business fashion. How do we do it? Sustainably and respectfully towards humans, animals and nature. Carefully selected materials. Cruelty-free. Made in Germany. Minimalistic design. A capsule wardrobe: Less is more. Favourite pieces - Mix & Match for any occasion. Formal, casual, elegant or in- between, there is a 'SET', which creates harmony and relaxation in our morning routine.Made in Germany Fair Fashion